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This event is running from 3 February 2024 until 25 January 2025. It is next occurring on March 2, 2024 9:45 am

  • Venue: First Floor
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Eyes down for 25 ball bingo with prizes

Introducing bingo into activities for individuals with varying degrees of dementia provides several therapeutic benefits. Firstly, it serves as a cognitive stimulation exercise, engaging participants in number recognition, concentration, and memory recall. The structured nature of the game can also enhance routine and predictability, offering a sense of comfort to individuals with dementia. Socially, bingo fosters interaction and communication among participants, promoting a sense of community and reducing feelings of isolation. Additionally, the excitement and anticipation associated with the game can elevate mood and provide a source of enjoyment. Overall, bingo proves to be a versatile and beneficial activity for individuals with varying levels of dementia, addressing cognitive, social, and emotional aspects of well-being.

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