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Ball Games

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This event is running from 4 February 2024 until 19 January 2025. It is next occurring on February 25, 2024 11:15 am

  • Venue: First Floor
  • Upcoming Dates:

Engaging in ball games with pool noodles offers a variety of benefits for participants. Firstly, it promotes physical activity and coordination as individuals use the pool noodles to interact with the ball. The lightweight and flexible nature of pool noodles makes the activity accessible and enjoyable for a wide range of abilities. Additionally, these games encourage social interaction, communication, and teamwork among participants. The playful and non-competitive nature of the games fosters a positive and inclusive environment, contributing to overall well-being. Moreover, using pool noodles adds an element of creativity and fun to traditional ball games, making the activity both entertaining and beneficial for physical and social aspects of health.

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